Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

As we age, many of us have trouble with wisdom teeth. If you need them to be extracted at some point, that’s totally normal. Along with wisdom teeth, you may also need other teeth extracted if you’re in an accident or are suffering from advanced tooth decay.

We will work hard to help you prevent extractions whenever possible, but we’ll also serve you by providing comfortable, efficient extractions when necessary. You’ll usually feel a lot better once a problem tooth is out, and we can start to work on restoring your smile to a beautiful state.

The best thing you can do is schedule regular dental checkups so that we can catch problems before extractions are needed, but you should also keep our number in your phone in case you ever need an emergency extraction.

Why Do You Need an Extraction?

Most patients need extractions for one of these reasons:

Problems with Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth are common culprits because they can often crowd other teeth. Dr. Ben may recommend extracting them before they cause complications. We can perform most wisdom tooth removals here in our office after an exam.

Accidents: If a tooth is damaged in an accident, it might become unusable. You’ll be better off with an extraction and a new, customized tooth replacement.

Impacted Teeth: When a tooth is growing in and encounters a serious obstacle, it is said to be impacted. It might be stuck behind a bone, another tooth, or underneath your gum line.

Tooth Decay: A major tooth infection can decay the structure of a tooth so much that it can’t be saved. In those cases, it’s better to remove the tooth and get rid of the infection.

Crowding: As some teeth grow in, they can push other teeth out of their best positions. To save the whole smile, sometimes the growing tooth must be extracted.

We’d love to prevent dental problems and save every natural tooth, but when it’s recommended by Dr. Ben, we’ll serve your health and your smile best with a tooth extraction.

Get Your Extraction Scheduled

If you’re in pain or have serious damage to a tooth, contact us at Dr. Ben’s office right away. We can schedule you quickly to relieve your discomfort.

Things will start to get better once that problem tooth is gone. Plus, we’ll make the process as free of anxiety and pain as possible. Call us today!