Teeth Whitening

One of our patients’ favorite ways of getting a boost of confidence is teeth whitening. Imagine improving the whiteness of your teeth in just a few treatments! Imagine enjoying those treatments at home, sitting in your favorite chair.

Many of our patients love to kick back with their families, watch a movie, and relax while they’re getting a beautiful, whiter smile. If you’ve ever been embarrassed or uncomfortable with the shade of your teeth, call us at Dr. Ben’s office today and let us know.

Why Do Teeth Lose Their Whiteness?

It can help to understand why teeth get darker. It may be because of something you’re doing, or it may not. Teeth get darker for these reasons:

Natural Yellowing: Bacteria in our foods can erode the top layer of our teeth and expose yellower material underneath. Regular flossing, brushing, and professional cleaning can slow this process down.

Color Absorption: Your tooth material can act like a sponge for the darker molecules in coffee, wine, soft drinks, certain foods, and cigarette smoke.

Aging: Over time, and with certain genetic factors mixed in, the top layer of material on your teeth can wear off, bringing out deeper layers that are not white.

Medications: Some medications have the side effect of tooth discoloration.

Accidental Damage: Some accidents can crack or chip teeth, which then regrow material that is a darker shade.

A professional teeth whitening kit can reverse discoloration and replace the dark-colored molecules that have invaded your teeth.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

When you visit us for teeth whitening, we’ll first check over your teeth and give them a professional cleaning. This will get your teeth ready to thoroughly absorb the whitening gel.

Next we’ll provide a take-home whitening kit and educate you on how to use it. We’ll show you the best way to use the tooth tray that you’ll fill with whitening agents and comfortably place over your teeth.

Then you’ll be able to go home and relax while your teeth absorb the whiter molecules of the bleaching agent, getting rid of some of the darker molecules in the top layer of your teeth.

Use teeth whitening to get ready for a special event like a wedding, to boost your confidence before a job interview or promotion, or to enhance your smile for any aspect of life!

Contact Us for an Appointment with Whiter Teeth

It’s a lot of fun for us to help our patients get whiter teeth because they are so excited about the results! They smile automatically afterwards, showing off their beautiful smiles. If you’d like to whiten your teeth by several shades quickly, call us at Dr. Ben’s office today.