Don't Ignore a Severe Toothache

You might need a root canal in Owensboro, KY

Taking care of your teeth is important, but sometimes significant damage can still occur. If the soft tissue within your tooth becomes too sensitive, a root canal may be required.

Root canals can be worrisome for patients, but there's nothing to fear when you visit Ben Thompson DMD. With his years of experience in dental work, Dr. Thompson can carefully perform a root canal with little to no pain on your part.

Relax and let us handle your root canal procedure with expertise and care. Set up an appointment at our Owensboro, KY office today.

Reasons you may need a root canal

Reasons you may need a root canal

Of all the dental procedures, a root canal is fairly common. Just a few reasons someone may need one include:

  • Regular sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Major decay of a tooth
  • Frequent infections in a tooth

Rely on Ben Thompson DMD for any dental work you need in Owensboro, KY, including root canals. We make the process easy and comfortable so your teeth can feel better than ever before.

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